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Delivery of Plans


At the Greenlight phase, Studios creative execs should deliver plans for how the content will aim to achieve the goals set forth in the Policy – allowing Amazon Studios to consider what additional resources or support, if any, might be required to achieve the expectations of the Policy.

Production Tracking

Production demographics should be reported to Amazon Studios within one month of completion of filming a movie or series. In general, information should be obtained for all individuals who were involved in the production and were paid directly by the company. People who work for vendors should not be part of the reporting protocol; vendors will be subject to a different reporting process. Amazon Studios DEI will outline these details with each production.

Note that information provided to unions in the process of reporting can be used in place of self-report data. The DGA, SAG-AFTRA, and other unions may require reports to be filed that include demographic information about the people from the union who have worked on your production. This information (provided to the union) may also serve as a reporting mechanism for the purposes of meeting the Policy.

In addition to reporting data on individual contributors to a production, you will need to supply a report that indicates the diversity of the suppliers and vendors who provided services for the production. For this report, indicate the number of suppliers used on the production, and the number and percentage that were women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

For each area of reporting (e.g., above-the-line, below-the-line, credited actors, vendors), indicate whether the Policy goals were met, surpassed, or missed. When the goals were missed, provide information on where and why you found it difficult to meet the goals, any obstructions that arose in the process, strategies you used, etc.

Finally, provide an overall report of the project successes and challenges related to inclusion. Were there steps you took that could inform and benefit future Amazon Studios projects?    

Delivery of Data

Amazon Studios cc:DEIA will provide the template forms for collection of self-reported demographic data. The final report on the diversity of individuals who contributed to the production should be submitted to Amazon Studios within one month of completion of principal photography. Please reach out to your creative executive or production manager for more information.


The Policy specifies that productions need to deliver plans to achieve the policy prior to principal photography, and after principal photography has been completed.

For all productions working with Amazon Studios, we will work together to deliver plans and report on the efforts to achieve the aspirational goals in the Policy.

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